A classical verdigris bronze water bowl, the Ekho has a 23¾-carat gold-leaf waterline.

The bronze water bowl is reminiscent of a Greco Roman temple bowl. The Ekho's soft weathered green colour and bright reflective gold inner rim retains its lustre with the passing of time.

LED lighting incorporated.

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Ekho water feature in a rill leading to a classical building

This bronze water bowl can be set on a pond or other body of water where it appears to float; or it can be set atop a reservoir tank, as a self contained water feature for a courtyard setting.

Diameter 90cm. The piece is supplied as standard with a 60cm x 60cm x 40cm tall or 60cm diameter unpolished stainless-steel reservoir tank.

See the Mimeo, for a water feature bowl with a Moorish design.

Prices start at £19,955 including VAT, pump, lighting, tripod and installation and delivery to mainland UK. Excludes reservoir.

Bronze water bowl

Ekho is made from Verdigris bronze, which is a soft weathered green colour. This contrasts beautifully with the bright reflective gold ring on the inner rim of the bowl.

Diameter 90cm. The piece is supplied as standard with a 60cm x 60cm x 40cm tall or 60cm diameter non polished stainless-steel reservoir tank.

There are several ways that an Ekho can be installed, but most installations fall into the following scenarios:

  • The reservoir tank supplied with the feature can be dug into the ground with the bowl sitting above it at ground level.
  • The reservoir tank supplied with the feature can itself sit at ground level with the Ekho sitting on top of this, therefore raised up from the ground by around 40cm. We can provide a mirror polished finish for the tank for an additional amount, or alternatively you could clad the tank in stone.
  • if you have an existing pond or plan to build one, the piece can sit on a tripod above the water. In this instance, without the need for our stainless-steel reservoir tank, the price will come down.
  • Installation and delivery are included in the price for UK commissions and for overseas, shipping quotes can be obtained and charged at cost.

If installed correctly with a suitable filtration and softening package, then maintenance required is minimal. Typically, this would consist of draining the piece a few times a year, removal of any debris, and refilling with fresh water.

In areas of hard water or high salt content, the tank will need to be drained down more frequently as the concentration of salts in the water increases over time.

Cleaning the bronze and gold leaf rim should be undertaken using a soft, lint free cloth only, taking care to ensure that no grit is on the cloth that may cause scratching. Maintenance instructions will be issued on installation.

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