Interior Pieces

Chalice water feature making a strong design statement in the home


  • The award-winning Chalice was originally designed for outdoors but can also create a mesmerising focal point as an indoor water feature. Made of two mirror-polished stainless steel hemispheres, water overflows from its outer rim and by the magic of surface tension adheres to the outer surface.

Petal Water Wall

  • This water wall comprises a series of mirror polished copper petals, each overlapping to create a shimmering effect that is enhanced by LED lighting.
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Indoor water wall
Volante elegant interior water feature


  • Volante is tall and elegant with a small footprint – ideal for an indoor water feature. It has two verdigris bronze wings flanking a mirror-polished stainless steel rill, down which moving water lightly cascades.


  • Brilliant mirror-polished stainless steel, convex curves and knife-edge seams combine with a central portal hole to contrast and connect with its environment. This scaled-down version of the original can be mounted on a surface or a wall.
Torus - Modern Miami Home Designed by Cullman & Kravis
Interior mantle sculpture by an indoor swimming pool


  • The Mantle is made of hundreds of verdigris bronze petal shapes, the underside of each one gilded with 23¾-carat gold leaf. Pictured here by an indoor swimming pool, it is internally lit and creates a rich, magical light source. Lighting designed by Brilliant Lighting.
Interior mantle sculpture by an indoor swimming pool

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