I always enjoy playing with optical illusions; creating sculptures whose effects appear and disappear depending on how you look at them. Turbine encapsulates this perfectly; it may be a still piece, but it brings such energy and movement that it will transform a room and beguile the observer, wherever it is placed. David HarberScroll for more
Turbine indoor wall sculpture
Metal wall sculpture with shifting light and shadow

Inspired by the blades of a gas turbine engine, Turbine is formed from metal blades, juxtaposed in such a way that light, shadows and reflections shift and interplay, depending on the viewing angle, bringing this exciting new wall sculpture energetically to life.

Notches on the mirror polished stainless steel blades can be configured to create any shape – which will appear and disappear depending on the angle of view.

The wall sculpture costs £9,670 (ex. VAT) including delivery and installation.

Turbine detail showing customizable notches

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