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Dark Planet Fountain


Water gently cascading over the surface of the Dark Planet Fountain

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Dark Planet stone sphere water feature

The Dark Planet Fountain is a tantalizing water feature made from hundreds of black puddle stones, carefully positioned to form a perfect sphere.

The sphere water feature is displayed as if floating on a large reflective pool. Water gently tumbles over its surface of glistening dark pebble stones creating a water feature that is both an aural and visual delight.

Water trickling through the pebbles of the Dark Planet Fountain

Tank included. Diameters available: 76cm, 100cm, 120cm, 160cm.

This stone sphere water feature combines sophisticated symmetry with the natural randomness of pebbles.

For sculptures made from pebble stones, see the Kernel, a sphere with a stainless steel wedge cut into it, or Dark Planet, a perfect sphere with an illuminating core.

Dark Planet ball water feature in a garden



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