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Armillary Spheres

David Harber’s interpretation of the traditional armillary sphere is a contemporary statement of classical valuesScroll for more
Stainless steel armillary sphere with a view

Nearly two millennia ago, Ptolemy, the Greco-Roman astronomer and mathematician, envisaged the armillary sphere as a geocentric model for the motions of the heavenly bodies. Today, David's fascination with astronomy and cosmology is reflected in his rendering of celestial longitudes and latitudes in precision engineered hoops of brass, bronze and mirror-polished stainless steel.

Armillary spheres lend themselves to engravings of personal resonance: mottoes, quotations, names, dates, commissioning statements, distances and direction to locations significant to the client can all added.

All spheres are available in a 60cm, 70cm or 80cm diameter. Other larger sizes available on request.

Armillary sundial on a modern plinth


As well as being strong and highly durable, a bronze verdigris patina on these armillary sundials gives the impression of timelessness.

Included as standard with the bronze armillary sphere:

  • Extra rings marking the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer and the North and South Polar Circles
  • A calendar showing the progression of the months and a client-specified date
  • Arrowhead and tail

Price starts from £ 11,250

Bronze sundial in classic garden setting
Traditional armillary sphere sundial in a contemporary garden

Stainless steel

Made from marine-grade stainless steel, these armillary spheres are mirror-polished to ensure high visibility and lifelong brilliance.

Additional features like a calendar or an arrowhead and tail can be added.

Price starts from £ 8,568

Metal armillary sphere on a plinth
Brass armillary sphere in a beautiful lavender garden


A lighter material than bronze, brass has a real sense of weight and a patina that matures well, darkening with age.

A calendar, an arrowhead and tail, and other additional features can be added to brass armillary spheres.

Price starts from £ 5,664

Brass armillary sundial by the sea

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