Torus mirrors its environment and provides a frame – inviting the viewer to look through a portal to another worldScroll for more
Torus large outdoor sculpture in stainless steel

Appreciate all the help from the David Harber Team. The Torus has been a key central focal point in our yard, just attracting anyone who comes here. It ‘magnetically’ draws them over to see it.

California, USA

Torus is available in these variations:

  • Stainless Steel
    Brilliant mirror polished stainless steel on both sides
  • Stainless Steel And Slate
    One side is formed from heather-blue slate
  • Stainless Steel And Cotswold Stone
    One side is formed from Cotswold stone
  • Stainless Steel And Carrara Marble
    One side is formed from Carrara marble

Torus comes in a 100cm, 150cm, 180cm and 200cm diameter with other sizes available on request.

This large outdoor sculpture is also available in a scaled-down version for use indoors.

Classic Torus in stainless steel
  • Stainless steel Torus
  • Prices for the Torus sculpture start at £18,604 including VAT, delivery and installation in mainland UK.
  • Large size stainless steel and slate Torus in profile

Torus is currently on show at The David Harber Garden at Lavershot Barns at Windlesham in Surrey.

Slate and steel version of the Torus outdoor garden sculpture

Torus is available in 316 marine grade mirror polished stainless steel on both sides, or with one side inlaid with either heather-blue Welsh slate, black river-washed pebbles, Carrera marble or Cotswold stone.

Torus comes in a 100cm, 150cm, 180cm and 200cm diameter with other sizes available on request.

David Haber provides a steel tube which is cast into the ground by the client at the desired location and secured with a concrete foundation. The Torus is then fixed onto the tube once the concrete has been cured. The size of the foundation tube is dependent on the size of Torus chosen. There are other installation methods possible.

It is possible to incorporate a low voltage LED uplighter in the bottom of the central aperture which provides a stunning lighting effect at night. We supply the driver but this will require a conduit plus drawcord to be installed for the electricity supply.

Installation and delivery are included in the price for UK commissions, and for overseas shipping quotes can be obtained and charged at cost.

We would recommend that the Torus be cleaned when necessary with warm water and a very soft cloth and then rinsed with warm clean water. Once dry, it can be polished with glass cleaner and a soft lint free cloth. Use of any abrasive cleaner will damage the finish and must be avoided. Maintenance instructions will be issued on installation.

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