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Nyneve is a 3.5 metre silicon bronze sculpture, which was inspired by the idea of the Lady of the Lake, representing something man-made coming out of serene nature. Defiant and resolute, it is born of nature and symbolises purity.

The piece references the form of a leaf, with its purifying and filtering qualities. In this way, it embraces the environmental message of the Savills and David Harber Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

David Harber limited_editions

Its organic shape, cast in bronze and polished to a warm golden glow, features a vein-like texture inspired by the fluid flow of tree bark. Its skyward reaching aerofoil form plays with the eddying air around it, whilst giving the illusion of a twisting upward flow.

At RHS Chelsea, Nyneve is presented emerging from a body of water, where its mirrored reflection is mimicked by dozens of fluttering leaf-like stainless steel petals. These kinetic floating petals create ripples and waves of reflected light as they seemingly shimmer across the surface.

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