Personalised Sundial

Each commission can be personalised through engraving or etching. The armillary sphere in particular has the potential for extensive engraving, including mottoes or lines of poetry; family names and dates of birth; commissioning statements; house names with latitude and longitude; and distances and bearings in nautical miles for locations of personal significance.

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Health is wealth - succint motto
Beautiful etching on a bronze armillary sphere

Personalisation isn't limited to sundials and a custom engraving or etching makes a commission a much more intimate and personal process. For example, lines of text can be added to two of the brances of Hydra sculptures; and Mantle and Quill sculptures can incorporate a few words on a discreetly located petal.

  • Engraved mottoes in Latin and English
  • Custom sundial with direction arrow pointing to places of personal significance
Custom direction arrow pointing to Trinity College, Oxford

The sphere looks just as I hoped for. Family about to assemble for its commissioning as a fitting memorial to a special man, my husband.A final thank you to all your team who provided seamless expertise from 'go to whoa'! Thank you again for facilitating all of this. The whole exercise has been exciting and a pleasure for me.

NSW, Australia

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