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Brass Sundials

A Soft Metal

Easy to work with, brass is a relatively soft metal of an appealing muted gold colour with an attractive satin finish.


Engraving on brass is straightforward and gives crisp definition to the lettering.

Traditional for Sundials

For both the above reasons, brass is a traditional metal for sundials. David Harber main use of brass is for sundials, as in our popular brass armillary sphere.


Brass has a gentle ageing process, acquiring a subtle patina and oxidizing to a light warm brown initially and then to dark brown. The oxidization process is faster than with other metals. To retain the original, lovely light brown of unoxidized brass, occasional light maintenance is necessary.

More affordable

Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper and a few other things. Typically, it contains less expensive copper than bronze, and it also easier to manufacture. As a result, it is one of the less expensive metals and our brass sundials are more affordable accordingly.


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