Hand Carved Stone Plinths

Square pedestal plinth

Square Pedestal

A classical plinth made of sandstone. Ht.85cm. Width 38cm.

Greek baluster plinth

Greek Baluster

Ht. 94cm. Diameter at top 20cm Square base 50cm wide.

Georgian baluster plinth

Georgian Baluster

Classical plinth made of sandstone. Ht. 94cm including square base. Base 50cm wide.

Antique plinth

Cone with Grooves

Contemporary sandstone plinth with concentric shallow grooves. Ht. 91cm, with a 50cm chamfered square base.

Large staddle stone plinth

Large Staddle Stone

Rough chiselled plinth made from beige sandstone. Overall Ht.91cm. Width at top 26cm tapering to 45cm at base.

Purbeck stone plinth

Small Staddle Stone

Rough chiselled plinth made from yellow sandstone. Ht.83cm. Width at top 25cm tapering to 44cm at base. 53cm chamfered base stone.

Hour glass plinth

Hour Glass

Contemporary sandstone plinth. Ht.90cm. Diameter at top 45cm and at base 50cm.

Contemporary Honed Stone Plinths

Octagonal plinth


Contemporary twist on a classical plinth made from black granite.
Ht.90cm. Width 32cm.

Black staddle stone plinth

Black Staddle Stone

Classical plinth made from a contemporary black granite. Ht.85cm. Width at top 30cm tapering to 40cm at base.

Natural stone boulders plinth

Natural Boulders

Can be made from any stone or slate, and to any size. Boulders usually require additional manpower for installation.

Bespoke plinth


Made of any material and can be features in their own right.

Classical plinths

Antique plinth


Some stunning plinths, but can be costly and difficult to source. We are happy to recommend potential suppliers.

Reconstituted cast stone plinth

Reconstituted stone

An enormous range is available in design, size and colour. Our recommended supplier is Haddonstone Ltd.

Purbeck stone plinth

Purbeck stone

Quarried in Dorset and rough punched to our specification. Ht.80-90cm. Width at top 25cm tapering to 30cm at base.

Willam and Mary plinth

William and Mary

Made by Cranborne Stone and particularly suited to the H.M.S. Victory Dial. Ht. 122cm. Width at base 46cm.