• Kernal spherical sculpture in garden setting
  • Detail of Kernel outdoor sphere
  • The kernal pebble sculpture bathed in the light of the setting sun
  • The Kernal sphere from behind
  • Half garden sphere sculpture
  • Hemisphere garden sculpture with raindrops
  • Reflections of half sphere garden sculpture
  • Reflections on hemisphere garden sculpture

The Kernel

The Kernel is a very tactile garden sphere of river-washed puddle stones. A crisp slice has been removed from the sphere exposing a mirror polished stainless steel facade with a patinated kernel at the centre.

A curiously strong outdoor sculpture, the Kernel is painstakingly hand-assembled. From the central core, a light source emanates an enchanting fragmented patchwork over the landscape around.

A half sphere version is also available, with the patinated kernel either protruding or depressed (lower photos).

A very modern garden sculpture. Also see the Dark Planet garden sphere.

Dimensions of example shown: 100cm diameter.

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