black staddlestone
  • Black Staddlestone:Classical plinth made from a contemporary black granite. Ht.85cm. Width at top 30cm tapering to 40cm at base.
  • Reconstituted Cast Stone:Available in an enormous range of design, size and colour. Our recommended supplier is Haddonstone Ltd.
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reconstituted cast stone
Purbeck Rough Punched
  • Purbeck Rough Punched: Quarried in Dorset and rough punched to our specification. Ht.80-90cm. Width at top 25cm tapering to 30cm at base.
  • Purbeck Natural Boulder: A Purbeck stone boulder. Available in any height or size, boulders usually require additional manpower for installation.
Purbeck Natural Boulder
Sandstone Square
  • Sandstone Square: A classical hand-cut sandstone plinth. Height 85cm, top 38cm, base 38cm

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