Slate Sentinel

Two elegantly poised halves in a state of implausible balanceScroll for more
Slate Sentinel sculpture
Welsh slate exterior and stainless steel interior

Like people living through a pandemic, David Harber's newest sculpture Sentinel explores how two bodies can co-exist in close proximity without touching.

Sentinel's two halves are split vertically by two internal faces of marine grade polished steel, creating kaleidoscopic reflections in the mirrored surfaces.

Standing 180cm tall, the sculpture's outer shell is fashioned from a tall ovoid crafted from hundreds of shards of tactile Welsh slate. The juxtaposition of natural, rugged exterior with a clean mirror-polished steel interior creates a truly striking effect.

The two halves, poised on a small base, stand vertical and resolute in a state of symbiotic interdependence.

At night, Sentinel comes alive thanks to uplighters at its feet. Sentinel is priced at £30,552.

Kaleidescopic reflections on mirror polished stainless steel surfaces

Sentinel is 180cm high.

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