• Dark Planet garden sphere in a colourful garden
  • Dark Planet garden sphere lit up at night
  • Dark Planet in courtyard garden
  • Stone garden sphere - the Dark Planet
  • Puddle stones
  • Detail of illuminated garden sphere at night
  • Slate garden sphere
  • Two slate Dark Planet spheres and a slate Torus garden sculpture landscaped in a garden
  • White pebble sphere
  • Two large dark planets spheres in early morning mist

Dark Planet Garden Sphere

Juxtaposing the delicate geometry of a perfect sphere with the apparent mass of hundred of perfectly positioned pebbles, the Dark Planet garden sphere will pull even the most casual observer into its mysterious gravitational field.

At night, an integral light source hints at even darker secrets.

Slate, glass, terracotta and white pebble variations are also available. The lower photos show slate Dark Planets and a white pebble sphere.

There is also a Dark Planet water feature: the Dark Planet Fountain

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