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Dark Planet

I love to take rough 'masculine' elements and transform them into smooth sculptural surfaces David HarberScroll for more
Dark Planet garden sphere lit up at night

Shooting Stars

Dark Planet is made from hundreds of irregular black puddle stones, painstakingly fixed together to form a unified whole. Thus, raw nature is transformed into geometry, creating a play between the tactile and the visual.

At dusk, light permeates through the fissures between the stones, illuminating Dark Planet's core to dramatic effect.

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Modern garden sphere made of Welsh Slate
  • This Dark Planet garden sphere is created using hundreds of pieces of Welsh slate.
  • This smooth, tactile sphere made of polished puddle stones is transformed after dark by a subtle inner light.

Diameters available:
76cm, 100cm, 120cm, 160cm.

For more sculptures made from black puddle stones, see the Kernel, a sphere with a stainless steel wedge cut into it, or the Sky Planet, a hemisphere with topped with a mirror to reflect the sky.

The Dark Planet is also available as a fountain.

Dark Planet contemporary spherical garden sculpture

View a video of the Dark Planet Garden Sphere