Garden Obelisk Sculptures

The obelisk sculpture's noon shadow measures the progression of the seasons from the spring equinox to the winter solsticeScroll for more
Stainless steel garden obelisk statue

I am absolutely thrilled with the obelisk - it is ravishingly beautiful in every light all day long: thank you.

Sussex, England

The length of the shadow cast by the obelisk at noon can be calculated and shown with markers set into the ground.

Standard markers indicate the spring and autumn equinoxes, winter and summer solstices, and can also highlight birthdays or other significant dates. See here for more information on personalising sundials.

  • Stainless Steel: The marine-grade mirror-polished stainless steel used for this garden obelisk both catches the eye and reflects its surroundings.

Standard steel obelisks range from 150cm to 300cm in height. Other sizes are available upon request. Stainless steel obelisks are also available as water features.

Prices for the stainless steel Obelisk start at £14,191 including engraving, VAT, delivery and installation in mainland UK.

Copper obelisk garden sculpture
  • Copper: This subtle and intriguing material matures well and darkens over time.
  • Stainless Steel and Slate: A mixed-material version of the obelisk sculpture, made from heather-blue slate and finished with a mirror-polished stainless steel frame.
Slate obelisk garden sculpture

The Obelisk is available in 316 marine grade mirror polished stainless steel, copper or stainless steel and slate.

For an extra sum, the length of the shadow cast by the obelisk at noon can be calculated and shown with markers set into the ground, indicating spring and autumn equinoxes, winter and summer solstices, and, if desired, birthdays or other significant dates. A line of engraving can also be included on one side of the sundial.

Our standard Obelisk is 210cm or 250cm in height, but other sizes are available on request.

A suitable concrete pad foundation of at least 20cm greater than the base of the Obelisk chosen, and a depth of at least 40cm, will need to be provided by the client in the location where the Obelisk is to be placed. A base fixing plate is then resin bolted to this concrete pad, with the Obelisk then fixed to this base plate.

Installation and delivery are included in the price for UK commissions. For overseas shipping, quotes can be obtained and charged at cost.

The finishes used on the Obelisk will exhibit some natural weathering with age, however, periodic cleaning will help preserve its beauty. We would recommend that it be cleaned at least once a year with only warm water and a soft cloth to remove any detritus. Use of any abrasive cleaner will damage the finish and must be avoided. Maintenance instructions will be issued on installation.

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