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Engravings and Etchings

Each commission can be personalised through engraving or etching. The armillary sphere in particular has the potential for extensive engraving, including mottoes or lines of poetry; family names and dates of birth; commissioning statements; house names with latitude and longitude; and distances and bearings in nautical miles for locations of personal significance.

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Beautiful etching on a bronze armillary sphere

Personalisation isn't limited to sundials and a custom engraving or etching makes a commission a much more intimate and personal process. For example, Mantle or Quill sculptures can incorporate a few words on a discreetly located petal.

Detail of the engravings on the Moon Dial at Oxford University
Memorial engraving on a obelisk garden sculpture
  • Personalised memorial on a stainless steel obelisk
  • Custom sundial with direction arrow pointing to places of personal significance
Engraving showing directions on an armillary sphere



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