Stainless Steel Water Wall


A simple water wall in mirror-polished stainless steel can create real impact in a garden

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Just wanted to say how delighted we are with our new sculpture from David Harber, the Waterfall. It's a very special piece and it looks fantastic. It also sounds wonderful and it has a very calming effect. Your service was terrific as usual. Very prompt, very professional and very helpful to my builders who carried out the preparatory works. We'll be back no doubt!

Stainless steel water wall set amidst dense planting

Suitable as an indoor or outdoor water feature. The stainless steel water wall can be produced at any size to suit your needs. The examples show a range of different sizes.

Includes reservoir, pump and LED lights.

Prices for the stainless steel water wall start at £22,106 including VAT, tank, pump, filter, lighting, delivery and installation in mainland UK.

Double sided version of the stainless steel water wall

Our standard Water Wall is made from stainless steel, but we can also make our walls from glass, copper, or bronze combined with stainless steel. The standard water wall consists of a plain sheet of the metal chosen, but there are other variations available.

For a personal touch, the wall can be etched with a motto, poem or dates of significance.

The stainless steel water wall can be produced at any size to suit your needs.

Whilst it is possible to make our walls freestanding, allowing water to flow down the front and back faces, it is preferable to have a wall against which the water wall be supported, hung or braced.

Installation and delivery are included in the price for UK commissions, and for overseas shipping quotes can be obtained and charged at cost.

If installed correctly with a suitable filtration and softening package, then maintenance required is minimal. Typically, this would consist of draining the piece a few times a year, removal of any debris and refilling with fresh water. In areas of hard water or high salt content, the tank will need to be drained down more frequently as the concentration of salts in the water increases over time. Cleaning the polished stainless steel should be undertaken using a soft, lint free cloth only, taking care to ensure that no grit is on the cloth that may cause scratching. Maintenance instructions will be issued on installation.

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