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Personalised Memorial Sundials


Every sundial, water feature or garden sculpture we make can be personalised for an anniversary or memorial.

Armillary spheres work particularly well as proud, personalised memorials, with opportunities for custom details, dates and place pointers.

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Stainless steel armillary sphere personalised memorial sundial
  • The Britain-Australia Society Education Trust commissioned David Harber and Nigel Fenwick to build an armillary sphere sundial and a carved base to commemorate the bicentenary of the death of unsung hero Admiral Arthur Phillip. Phillip was the commander of the historic First Fleet to Australia in 1787, founder of New South Wales and the first Governor of modern Australia.
  • Personalised details include an internal globe showing the path of the historic 11 ship convoy to Australia under Phillip's command, while the base plate and bands mark Phillip’s achievements.
  • Cyclist Pinky Williams is the subject of a memorial sundial commissioned by the North Lanarkshire Regeneration Council. The stainless steel armillary sphere commemorating Pinky's life is movingly personalised with dates and details of his cycling achievements.
Stainless steel armillary sphere



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