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Steel Breeze

Steel Breeze plays with light, offering kaleidoscopic reflections of the environment around it. David HarberScroll for more
Sculpture made from two parallel circular discs with elaborate laser cut patterns that plays with light and shade

Steel Breeze plays with the relationship between positive and negative space. Made from mirror polished stainless steel, two circular discs are positioned parallel to each other and laser cut in an elaborate pattern to reveal the gap between them. The piece is encircled by an elegant band of antique tan patinated bronze.

David Harber says, ‘The name Steel Breeze came from Pink Floyd lyrics and was inspired by the way the wind blows through the sculpture.

Steel Breeze comes in a 100cm, 150cm and 200cm diameter size with other sizes available on request. The patterned sculpture can be customised to suit almost any setting. The interior can be lit, painted any colour, left unpolished or mirror polished.

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