Cruise Ship Sculptures


Two original designs commissioned for the Spirit of Discovery, a new £436m luxury cruise ship from Saga which sets sail on its maiden voyage this month.

The sculptures sit on one of the decks of the new British cruise liner which was christened last week by its godmother HRH The Duchess of Cornwall. Crafted from mirror-polished stainless steel, the designs take their inspiration from the ship: one echoing the shape of a propeller and the other representing the vortex of hydraulic energy found immediately in its wake.

David Harber said: ‘I've always been fascinated by propellers, both hydraulic and air. The shape is the most exquisite combination of form and function – one that has been refined over centuries.’ The two sculptures I designed for the Spirit of Discovery are inspired by this one single essential element of the ship.

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Propeller sculpture for Saga cruise ship at sunset

One is a stylised propeller inferring both the driving force and crisp, clean, purposeful engineering at the heart of the ship. The second is inspired by the swirling vortices found directly in the propeller's wake. Invisible yet powerfully physical, we can but imagine this force as the vastness of the ship ploughs forward.

Harber's sculptures sit alongside an impressive collection of 400 original pieces and a total of over 1,000 artworks commissioned and curated by SMC Art Consultancy for Saga from such illustrious British artists as Helen Amy Murray and Evelyn Binns. With an overall investment of over £1 million, the ship's art collection has been curated to showcase the geography, landscapes and palettes of the British Isles.

Propeller sculpture for Saga cruise ship in bright sunlight

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