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Sculptures that evoke history

Curved sculpture in oxidised mild steel of five panels with laser cutouts that reference formal written letters

Property developer Taylor Wimpey has commissioned bespoke sculptures for Emerald Gardens, a luxury property development of apartments in Kew, London, that evoke the history of the site.

The abstract sculptures reference postal letters, filing cabinets and quill pens, recalling the site's former use as a postal sorting office and its position next door to the National Archives.

The first sculpture is comprised of five curved panels in oxidised mild steel with laser cutouts placed to resemble a formal letter. A mirror polished stainless steel tab at the top of each panel suggests a filing cabinet.

A second sculpture – in oxidised stainless steel – has six curved sheets in a circle, shaped at the top to look like upside down pen nibs. Each sheet is cut and fragmented to resemble tattered paper, and also to allow sunlight and lighting at night to reflect interesting shadow patterns.

Sculpture of six curved sheets of oxidised steel shaped to look like a pen nib at the top



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