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Bench of Contemplation


The ultimate contemporary love seat, the Bench of contemplation takes its inspiration from the structure of life itself. Forged from hundreds of strands of verdigris bronze, every line follows the twisting, curving trajectory of DNA's double helix, creating a delicate yet durable frame for two natural wood or Corian® seating panels. Bench of Contemplation, strategically placed in an outdoor space, offers just such a chance.

Strategically placed in an outdoor space, this metal garden bench encourages us to reflect upon our role as guardians of the environment and provides an opportunity to pause for a moment.

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Smooth Corian seating
  • The bench pictured here is in verdigris bronze and features beautifully smooth, limestone Corian® seating.
  • Also available in oxidized steel or stainless steel painted a colour of your choice. Seating panels can also be made of natural wood.
Metal garden bench

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