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Bronze Wall Art


Striking bronze wall art in two variations: the Lattice Wall Sculpture features a delicate verdigris bronze latticework with organic patterns; the Labyrinth Wall Sculpture has contemporary geometric latticework.

The Lattice: an intricate wall sculpture made of a delicate latticework of verdigris bronze, the inside of which is gilded so that the warmth and lustre of the gold is reflected back into the mirrorpolished stainless steel mount.

A reflective frame by day, the LED lighting creates an illuminated wall sculpture by night.

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The Labyrinth: geometrically patterned wall art backed by gold leaf

The Labyrinth: randomly placed plates of verdigris bronze appear in a labyrinth like pattern, each backed with 23¾-carat gold leaf and reflected in their mount.

Held in an elegant frame and backed with diffused LED light, the piece creates a sense of drama.

Detail of the Labyrinth wall sculpture



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