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The Quince Tree


A New Leaf

It is always difficult to predict which part of a brief will provide the creative spark for a David Harber design. In the case of The Quince Tree, a light and airy restaurant, café and farm shop in the Chiltern Hills, not far from London, it was their logo. Once that had fired David’s imagination, a project that had started as a water wall took off in an entirely new direction as a custom sculpture.

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Custom restaurant sculpture

The challenge was still to fill a large, double-height wall in the café with a visually arresting sculptural feature, but instead of using water we based the installation on a huge circular mirror – one of the largest it is possible to build from a single piece of glass.

In front of this, apparently floating in thin air, are the 160 individual verdigris leaves that make up the Quince Tree logo, each fashioned in bronze with a verdigris finish on the front and 23¾-carat gold leaf on the reverse, creating a custom sculpture with a constantly changing kaleidoscope of green and gold that brings the identity of the Quince Tree restaurant to life in a unique and unforgettable way.

Designs for custom sculpture for the Quince Tree restaurant, Stonor



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