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Custom Bronze Water Wall


A custom commission

Client: Private residence in Kent
Project Designer: Bella Whiteley InteriorsScroll for more
Bespoke indoor water wall detail

Interview with Bella Whiteley

What kind of effect did you want to create with the swimming pool? I had seen the wonderful array of materials, metal finishes and colours available from David Harber. The client and I were after a deep sea-green colour to enhance the indigo blue of the dark blue glass mosaic tiles of the swimming pool.

David suggested we create this sea-green colour by applying a verdigris effect to bronze.

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How did the idea for scales come about? The clients are keen divers so the reference to the sea was a very natural choice and I liked the idea of using David’s petal design but I wanted it to emulate fish scales.

We decided to use bronze scales in various sizes, and experimented with various applications of verdigris. David, the client and I agreed on a heavy, almost crusty verdigris finish over the bronze scales and the colour was stunning.

The lighting is an important part of this space - can you say how you achieved it? I suggested lighting both at the top and bottom of David's water wall, so as to illuminate its surface and catch the water as it flowed down. It has been very effective and brings the feature to life.

At dusk, when you turn the water wall on, the noise of the flowing water starts to permeate the space, and the lights glow over the treated bronze. As you can imagine this creates an utterly magical atmosphere and a meditative focal point when you’re swimming up and down.

Can you tell us more about collaborating with David Harber on this custom water wall? It was a pleasure to collaborate with David and his team. They are all so friendly and approachable and not at all elitist, which can hinder a customer’s decision to commission original artworks. They really can create anything you want

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