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Huge Torus for Qatar

The Centre Court of the soon-to-be-open Doha Festival City shopping mall in Qatar has welcomed a huge 4 meter custom Sculpted Torus. This Torus is the first of a series of custom Torus – all different – that will be dotted around the mall.

David Harber was approached by Kareem Shamma, CEO at mall developers Bawabat Al-shamal Real Estate Company (BASREC) for unique artwork concepts. Shamma had been impressed with David Harber’s originality and aesthetic approach and wanted pieces that would look stunning with a high degree of wow factor and that would lead the shopper on a journey through the mall.

A series of adaptations of David’s Torus design was put forward and accepted by BASREC. The other Torus sculptures, 2 meters in diameter, are in progress at our workshops and will be installed in March.

We are also discussing with BASREC an exciting concept of hanging tree canopies in the glass atria of the Food Court made from hundreds of stylised green acrylic leaves suspended from frames attached to the roof.

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Long journey home

Two craftsman working in the hole of the TorusSculpted Torus ready to be swung onto a lorrySwinging the huge Torus onto a lorry
Sculpted torus in place at Doha Festival City but still in its wrappingSculpted Torus unwrapped and being fixed into placeSculpted Torus finally installed