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David Harber, will unveil a striking sculpture as part of the FreeForm exhibition at the RHS's first Flower Show at Chatsworth House on 7th–11th June.

The installation is in collaboration with David Harber’s long-standing partner – outdoor furniture brand, Gaze Burvill. Titled Curves and Cube, the piece will explore man's impact upon nature and will play with the juxtaposition of the rigid and organic forms.

Contrasting the formality of Chatsworth House with the vast expanse of natural beauty it resides in, Curves and Cube is a representation of the formal and informal working in harmony.

David Harber's imposing Cube element is resolute, monolithic and defiant and stands as a tribute to the edifice of Chatsworth. Made from oxidized steel, the geometric, fragmented shape is detailed with a filigree of organic patterns that mimic foliage in an engineered, resolute form.

Creating the Curves, Gaze Burvill's meandering oak bench is representative of the River Derwent, which dominates Chatsworth's Gardens. The fluid bench is designed to intertwine and juxtapose with the Cube's stark facade and defiant architecture.

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